M2M Weston-super- Mare

Our systems for M2M Weston-super-Mare are the simple cost-effective way of implementing two-way communication with remote devices or sensors allowing them to communicate key information to wherever, whenever you want, stationery or mobile without the need for human assistance.


Enabling machine communication through M2M data sims

Put simply, M2M communication is the function of machines talking to machines. This kind of automatic communication has a variety of uses and benefits.  It also provides an excellent method to remotely monitor machines. Here at CCUK, we supply M2M data sims which enable the M2M communication between machines.

M2M Phone Systems

Working as an overlay on cellular networks, GPRS and 3G/4G, M2M SIM-based private connectivity with Fixed IP is now enabling the benefits of wireless technology to make commerce more efficient. Machines can now communicate for themselves; be it stock control, wireless payment, engineering work, fault reporting or tracking.

CCUK offer an extensive range of airtime tariffs on the major networks in the UK. CCUK can also offer global sims including competitive rates on roaming. CCUK can supply to clients overseas including Australia, UAE and mainland Europe.

Monitoring and Control

M2M services are monitored and controlled using the SIMPro platform. This is an essential monitoring and control tool for users with multiple devices. Accessed via web portal, you can activate, monitor, broadcast SMS and produce reports for your entire estate of SIMs.

Features include:

  • Directly activate your M2M SIMs
  • Monitor the activity of your entire SIM base
  • Track the activation process using SIMPRO’s traffic light notification system:
  • Red for inactive
  • Amber for provisioning activation
  • Green for active
  • Specify key requirements e.g. International roaming or voice
  • Produce tailored reports on estate activity
  • Download reports
  • View activation dates
  • Access your SIM estate 24/7
  • Optimise connectivity performance
  • Improved financial accountability through the monitoring of current data usage
  • Be in total control – you manage the activation, detail, tariff allocation and eventual suspension for your entire estate
  • Two-way communication via SMS – simple to use messaging platform
  • Determine future usage patterns and plan accordingly
  • Reduction in users’ technical and admin resources in managing the SIM base
  • Search by SIM or mobile number
  • View current tariffs on a per SIM basis

SMS Broadcast

Within the SIMPro system, we offer an additional messaging platform, two-way communication via SMS. As a SMS aggregator, we offer fantastic rates to send and receive SMS to your SIM base.

  • Individual or bulk SMS
  • Create groups of SIMs for easier bulk messaging
  • Manage SIM groups (create/amend/add/delete)
  • Set-up commands to M2M modems
  • Reduction in users’ technical and admin resources in managing the SIM base

Reporting Systems

These tangible and important user benefits are delivered as part of Company Communications UK Added Value services. There is no additional cost to access this important monitoring, command and provisioning tool. SIMPro is accessed via the internet with no requirement for software downloads. Real-time data reports are available on all M2M data SIMs routing over private APNs.

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